Club Champ Officials 28 March

28 03 2015
Meet Director 1 Deb Mahony
Session Referee 1 Deb Mahony
Judge of Stroke 4 Deb Mahony, Alan des Landes
Starter 1 Anthony Petty
Announcer 1 Anthony Petty , Rebeckah Dell
Marshalls 2 Broughton Family, Rattrie Family
CHIEF IOT START 1 Navneet Singhal
IOT – START 3 Jo Clare, Kim Ngavavia, Mike Chapman, Billy Perham
CHIEF IOT TURN 1 Clare Norman , Connie Erb
IOT – TURN 3 Sharon Hughes, Sondra Brears, Sally Nichol, Aileen Elborough
REFRESHMENTS 2 Gibson Family, Morrison Family
CHIEF TIMEKEEPER 1 Dawn Ryland Higgins
LANE 1 3 Kirsten Marx
Qiao Family
Williams Family
LANE 2 3 Burns Family
Mitchell Family
McKenzie Family
LANE 3 3 Hosking Family
Croft Family
Goldsworthy Family
LANE 4 3 Miln Family
Niederberger Family
Skilton Family
LANE 5 3 Cooney Family
Tremain Family
Belsham Family
LANE 6 3 Robertson Family
Wormald Family
Neal-Pratt Family



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